Monthly Archives: June 2008


Xcel Energy High Bridge Plant Smokestack Implosion…

This morning at 7:30am Xcel Energy continued the work of taking out the old High Bridge power plant. The smokestack was razed as part of the the continued demolition of the retired coal based facility.

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Nature Valley Grand Prix – Stage 6 – Stillwater

The final day of the race fought on the tough climb up Chilkoot Hill.

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Nature Valley Grand Prix – Stage 5 – Mankato Road Race

Another bright sunny day in Mankato with the races resulting in repeats for the 2007 stage winners.

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Nature Valley Grand Prix – Stage 4 – Minneapolis Downtown Classic

Minneapolis had dry roads for the downtown criterium. The races were fast and active with pretty good crowds around the course.

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Nature Valley Grand Prix – Stage 3 – Saint Paul Time Trial

It was a windy uphill finish but Kristin Armstrong dominated the time trial just like she did in 2007.

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